The Healing Power of Waist Beads

The Healing power of waist beads. Black Woman wearing waist beads around her hips. | @ilivebare | Being Actively Real Everyday |  BARE

Originated from West African traditions specifically Ghana and Nigeria, waist beads are used in a variety of ways.

For example, young girls are gifted waist beads to honor their coming of age journey. Another example is to use waist beads as a weight management tool as the tightness or looseness of the beads indicate weight gain and/or weight loss.

The reason I began my waist bead journey was through a spiritual group on Facebook. A woman in the group shared how she made her own waist beads and the healing benefits that came with it. The one that resonated with me the most was how it helped her connect with her body physically and spiritually.

Due to unhealthy viewpoints on diet culture, weight management and self-esteem, I decided to honor myself by detaching from these unhealthy habits and make my own waist bead. My intention for my first set of beads was to know, honor and accept myself even when my weight, size, and energy ebbed and flowed.

Now, I’ve gotten to a place where waist beads are a part of my daily meditation and self love journey. They help me cleanse my energy or give me something to focus on as I release unwanted energies I may have picked up throughout my day. And most importantly, they’ve helped me to love my body in all her fullness, not just one aspect.

That is why I am sharing my knowledge with you in the hopes that it will help you in your self-love and holistic self-growth journey. If you’re interested in learning more about the healing power of waist beads, I’ve provided uses, benefits and additional resources below. Peace, love and gratitude for reading.

Waist Bead Benefits

There are many benefits to wearing waist beads. Yet honestly, the most important benefit is your intention. You can do nothing without intention. So see the following benefits as examples for intention setting. Because if you focus your attention on your intention, you will receive benefits, even ones you didn’t even know you would receive.

  1. A beautiful way to honor your body

    • Have you ever worn jewelry or clothing that just made you feel fly as f**k? Waist beads help to do the same thing except think of it this way. Like the saying, “It’s not the clothes that makes the (wo)mxn. It’s the (wo)mxn that makes the clothes.”

      Waist beads help to boost and amplify the energy that is already inside of you.

      For example, I have a set of beads that are my Goddess beads, because they help me connect to and amplify the goddess energy that is already within me. I use that particular waist bead as a physical reminder that I am a Goddess and I have the power to create galaxies and realities from my words and actions. And from that power, I know that with unconditional love, light and grace I can do anything.

      So if you need to tune in to an energy that you feel disconnected with (i.e. abundance, prosperity, clarity, wisdom, intuition, expression, freedom, love, worth, groundedness, etc.), create a waist bead with that intention and honor your body with the energy that is already yours.

  2. A natural scale system to help you learn your body

    • If you have a challenge with weight management or loving your belly in all its ebbs, flows, shapes and sizes, waist beads can assist you with that.

      For example, when I’ve eaten so much that my beads get tight around my waist, I feel nourished and send that love to my belly. Because learning yourself is a journey especially when it comes to your weight. Learn your body on your own terms. Feel what it’s like to truly nourish your body physically (with the foods you eat) and energetically (with the love you send) into your sacred center.

  3. A way to connect to your body, physically and energetically

    • Feel disconnected with your body on a physical or energetic level? Use waist beads to (re)connect with yourself.

      Physically, you can connect with your waist beads by feeling its physical presence on your body. For instance, when you eat and your waist beads get tight, it’s a physical reminder of what and how much you are putting into your body. For self love purposes, you can use this in your masturbation practice to tune into your sensual energy.

    • Energetically or Spiritually, you can connect with your waist beads by using them as a tool for mediation. By setting an intention before putting on your waist beads, that intention is reinforced every time you see or feel them on your body. It is also a great way to tune into your ancestors, spirit guides, angels and even your highest and greatest self.

How to Cleanse Your Waist Beads

As you know with anything we wear, it will accumulate dirt. Especially on an energetic level, it is important to cleanse your waist beads so that it will continue to assist you on your journey in its fullest capacity. Here are just a couple of ways you can cleanse your waist beads physically and/or energetically:

  1. Smudging

    • As an empath, I smudge almost everyday or every other day just to make sure that my space and my body is not carrying energy that does not serve its highest and greatest good. And I ESPECIALLY do that for my waist beads.

      You can either light sage, palo santo or incense and pass the smoke over your waist beads. Imagining that all that energetic dirt is released and transmuted into love and light. If smoke doesn’t work for you depending on health conditions or living situations, you can use a smudge spray, Florida Water or rose water. Sometimes in my rose water, I will mix himalayan salt and rosemary (either dried or as an essential oil) to assist with the cleansing.

  2. Shower or Bath

    • Physically, you can use a light soap (one with no residue) or water to cleanse your waist bead. Energetically, while the water is washing over the waist bead, you can meditate or recite a mantra to energetically cleanse it.

      My go-to mantra for shower energy clearing is “I am cleansed, healed and blessed with the unconditional love, light and grace of Spirit.” Feel free to use my mantra and remix it to fit your needs.

  3. Meditation

    • You can use your own meditation, mantra or affirmation or use YouTube to find meditations and/or Solfeggio sound frequencies that aid in energy clearing.

    • Waist bead meditation:

      • Place your hands on your waist beads. Imagine a bright golden light above your head. Allow that light to travel from the crown of your head and pass through your body until it reaches your waist bead. Imagine your waist bead being filled with all that light. When you’re ready, allow the light to continue until it passes through the soles of your feet and into the Earth. Then imagine a bright green light coming from the Earth. Allow that light to pass through the soles of your feet and through your body until it reaches your waist bead. Imagine your waist bead being filled with all of Earth’s loving light. When you’e ready, allow the light to continue until it passes through the crown of your head and into the sky. Finally, hug yourself and say, “I am loved with the unconditional love, light and grace of the Universe.”

      • Feel free to repeat or remix this meditation to fit your needs.

      • Feel free to call upon your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, deities, etc. who co-create with you for the highest and greatest good of all.


Experience waist beads for yourself

I provide customized waist beads to help you reconnect with your sacred center.


  1. What are ways I can wear my waist beads?

    • You can wear your waist bead with a clasp or permanently tied to your body. With a clasp, you have the freedom to take it off and save it for another time. Whereas with one that is permanently tied, you would have to cut it off or wait until it breaks.

  2. What materials can I use if I want to make my own waist beads?

    • I’ve worked with many materials when creating my waist beads. You can use thread, stretch cord or beading cord.

      If you plan to tie it around your waist, plastic materials like stretch and beading cord may leave a sharp edge at the end of your beads (which can cause scratching or irritation). I recommend using tube beads to help cover the ends.

      Best material for permanently tied waist beads is thread as it will not irritate the skin while having the flexibility to work with smaller beads for intricate designs. If you’re using beads with small holes, use a collapsible beading needle and your patience. The outcome is gorgeous but it takes a minute to get there.

  3. What happens when they break?

    • Don’t worry. It means their work is done. When your waist beads break, use this as a form of meditation by answering the following questions:

      • When did they break?

      • Were you able to recover the beads? If so, how many? (Give a rough estimate)

      • What were you doing when they broke?

      • Where did they break? Why were you there?

      • How were you feeling at the time they broke?

      • What was your intention for your waist beads?

      • From the time you put on the waist beads to the time they broke, what and how was your journey when working with your intention?

      If you recovered a majority of them, you can always repurpose them either as another waist bead, another form of jewelry, as a part of your altar work, etc.

      Lastly whatever your intention was with your waist bead, when it broke, it no longer needed to assist you, because you’ve already embodied the energy of your intention. Let go. Its work is done.