Check out these following posts to learn how to be more reflective, accepting, caring and expressive.

  • B.A.R.E. challenges us to reflect on ourselves and truly ask if we are living our true selves. More importantly, B.A.R.E. encourages us to drop the superficial outerlayers of our beings and to- well live BARE. Live without feeling too self-conscious of what others think and of what society deems as the meta. Live without the facades, the two facing. Live real! Live B.A.R.E.
    Joshua Jones
  • Starting a journey started by a good friend!!! Follow her @ilivebare, take the challenge, and find her on facebook!!! #ilivebare #motivation #reflection #growth #proudfriend
    Mikayla McGill
  • I choose to serve my God, my family, my friends and community. But most importantly I am learning to serve myself the way I serve others. Cause at those gates it'll only be He and I. #foodforthought #ilivebare @ilivebare
    Devinne Vaughn