Why You Only Need One Goal This April

why you need 1 goal this april

You've probably seen blog posts about monthly goals either pertaining to personal goals, blogging goals or even financial goals. 

But as for me, I only have one goal this April and that's committing myself to #TheGrowYourselfChallenge.

If you don't know what this challenge is, The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge is all about using positive affirmations to grow ourselves towards the change we want in our lives. 

With this challenge, you print and fill out 30 challenge prompts to represent each day in April, grab a bowl, jar or some kind of container, and mix up your prompts. Then with each new day, just grab your prompt out of the container and go about your day. That way, regardless of your schedule, you are committing and still making time for your own self growth.

Since April 1st, I've participated in this challenge — pulling out a card each morning and sticking to it throughout every moment of my day as well as taking note of my experiences by sharing my journey on Instagram. 

The first day was mainly getting my challenge cards ready — physically actualizing my commitment to this challenge and to myself. So Day 2 (April 2nd) was my first real day of living out my cards. 

Yet today, I'm sharing three things that I've learned since doing this challenge that have been beneficial to my own self-growth during these past 10 days. 

So if you need some positive change to happen like right now, right now, let these three experiences that I've learned empower you to take on this challenge and start some positive self-growth to happen in your life today. 

#1 — Grab A Card When You First Wake Up

I cannot stress how great I feel when I grab a card before I leave for work. It literally shapes my whole mindset in a positive direction for the rest of my day. 

However, I believe that grabbing a card when I first wake up will definitely help shape my day from start to finish instead of picking one right before I head off to work. 

A key example is when my card was, "I will not let anyone or anything take my time." But because I picked it up before I left for work, I realized I could've been living out my card before and while I was getting ready for the day. This would've helped me destress my mental earlier in the day than how I was for the rest of the day.

So choose one when you first wake up and see how your mindset will change in a positive way for your whole day. 

#2 — Commit.

When you first start something new, the first stage of implementing that new commitment is a struggle. 

For example, I recently started going to the gym. Yet, with my gym clothes in the car, for some odd reason, I was trying to deter myself from going — even though I already committed myself to it. 

The same goes for this challenge. 

There will be cards that you write for yourself that will challenge you and even make you unsure if you can commit to them. 

Well, you can!

Don't psych yourself out!

Tell yourself this is for your benefit and actually use these positive affirmations to bring you one step closer towards positive change and self-growth. 

#3 — Reflect On the Outcome and Enjoy It!

Sometimes I feel like I didn't live out my card. For example, on Day 2 (April 2nd), my card was "I will reward myself with 2 coconut milk teas with extra boba." Yet I was with my friends all day — two of them who came from out of state to just stay in Cali and kick it with us. 

However, I realized that my friends were my reward. Because I opened myself up to receiving a reward, regardless of I got boba or not, it didn't matter. Instead, I rewarded myself through being with my friends and adding memories in places that are practically my hometown — making this the best reward that I could never even imagine or create for myself. 

So reflect on your outcomes and just enjoy whatever happens. Because regardless of if you lived out your card or not, you opened yourself up to reflection, to care, to reward, to living out your passions, to living out a quote, or even adding some spontaneity in your life. And that's all matters.  

So if you are interested, check out the original post by clicking here and share your daily challenge cards or even your challenge journey on social media with the hashtag, #TheGrowYourselfChallenge or #Know2Grow and get featured on the website and on social media. Let the challenge begin!