What I FeeI, I Know. What I Know is My Truth

On Monday, February 4, 2019, we welcomed the new moon in Aquarius. This new moon is calling us to dive into the depths of who we are in order to activate our life’s purpose. However, if for any reason we are not aligned with that truth, this is the time to stop pouring our attention, our energy, into that. 

With that said, I have provided some tips and resources to utilize during this time. New and full moon energy is very potent three days before and after the event. So whenever you read this, I hope it aids you in your journey. 

The Element: Water 💦

In honor of the Waterbearer Aquarius and the Star card in the Tarot, it is time to be in flow and become the flow. As the waterbearer, she has control over her emotions. She knows her emotions. She knows her passions. She knows what her intentions FEEL like, because she already knows, that she has already received everything needs. So she can give of herself, she can serve others with courage and surety that her cup will not run dry. And she knows she can stop giving to things that no longer grow.

Our Focus: Emotions

Water represents our heart and emotions. How does our emotions affect those around us? How does our emotions affect our current conditions? Are we imbalanced or are we seeking stability? Do not seek. Visualize. Feel your intentions. And know that as you move forward, as opportunities come in, you KNOW where to pour your cup into.

Colors: Blue, Black

These colors represent the water element in Feng Shui. Take time to connect with these colors. Below are my personal meanings around them.

Blue: calm, peace, security

Black: protection, mystery, sleek

Another resource is the seasonal color wheel below. This wheel reflects each season with a corresponding color. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter. By looking at the wheel, Indigo and Blue are represented in the month of February. Along with these colors, there are corresponding words i.e. wisdom for Indigo or trust for Blue. Use this resource to help with your meditation this season or to assist your mindful practice by choosing clothes and objects that the color of the season.

Herbs / Essential Oils:

  • Sage (for intuition and energetic cleansing)

  • Peppermint (for joy and buoyant heart space)

  • Eucalyptus (for empowerment and wellness)

Chakra Healing Focus: Throat

Our throat chakra is our communication hub. What are you speaking into existence? Is it your truth or are you unconsciously cursing yourself and/or others? Here’s an affirmation to assist in healing your throat chakra:

I speak, live and thrive in my truth and back that shit up with unconditional love and light.

Recommended Yoga Poses

Understanding our bodies helps us to understand our emotions. Pain in a particular area is a direct reflection of emotional pain or stress that you’re carrying. Below are a set of poses to help you know your body, release stress and pain and open your heart and throat centers.

Easy Pose or “the Pose of Ease” - Sukhasana

Seated Staff Pose - Dandasana

Reclined Twists - Jathara Parivartanasana

Cat/Cow Pose - Viralasana

Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana

Child’s Pose (or Extended Child’s Pose) - Balasana

Camel Pose - Ustrasana

This video includes a full flow. Feel free to watch it in its entirety. Otherwise, the video starts at the instruction of camel pose.

Corpse Pose - Savasana

Additional Tips

Bless your water.

In the shower, as you cleanse yourself, bless the water to aid in your physical and energetic cleansing. For example, while I’m showering, I say aloud or in my mind,

“I am cleansed and I am free. I am grounded in my Divinity.”

You can also replace Divinity with “my Truth”, my Authenticity”, “my Queen/King shit”, etc. The purpose of this cleansing is to clear away all that you may have picked up energetically throughout your day. It will also assist you if you’ve been carrying internal shit that does not serve you. AND by clearing it away, you are blessing your life by basically declaring that,

“This is me. This is who I am. Anything that does not serve especially within my home and body can bump off. Ahora.” 

With your water (or any liquid based product i.e. tea, coffee, soup, juice or smoothie aka no soda), before you consume it, bless it. Speak love into it and it will nourish you with the love you need. For example, before I drink my water, I say,

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I thank you for my healing. I thank you for your nourishment. I thank you for your cleansing power. So mote it be.”

You don’t have to go hella deep like me. But as long as you say, “I love you”, before you consume, it will nourish you with love.

Take an internal assessment.

This new moon is calling us to understand the depths of our own being. If you’re having trouble diving into your own depths, I created some questions to consider for your own self-exploration.

Questions to consider for self-exploration:

  • Who am I?

    • This does not mean who you are in relation to an action, person or position. This is for you to answer from a state of just being. Titles are ways for us to put a name to things, people, ideas, etc. However, can you describe yourself without outside influence. Do you truly know the depth of your being as is?

  • What brings me joy?

    • Now that you have discovered the essence of who you are, what in your world, in your current circumstance, brings you joy. And don’t sugarcoat that shit. I know we have to find joy in every moment of our lives. But if you’re struggling to find an ounce of joy out of something you participate in, then that’s a red flag.

  • What are my red flags and how long has this red flag been showing up?

    • You understand what brings you joy. However from that exercise, where in your life was it hard to find moments of joy? Was it at your job or with your family? Identify that shit and try to remember when you first started noticing it. Let’s dive deeper. 

  • Does that red flag align with who I am?

    • Usually red flags or triggers are signs that we are no longer aligned with this person, situation or idea. However, what happens is that we ignore it and think, “Ah, that was just the one time.” When in fact, it’s not. We go through cycles again and again until we learn the lesson. Yet, some of us get stuck in the cycle for so long that it becomes too familiar for us to leave it. And soon, we made a home in a “comfort zone” that isn’t helpful for us to grow from. For example, growing from this place is like growing from dry, cracked earth with a blaring sun overhead. When in fact, you need to be in a space of fertile rich earth and minimal light. So why decide to set up shop in the Sahara when you’re meant to grow in rainforest! So take this red flag and see if it aligns with your truth. Chances are it doesn’t and it’s time to release it, energy wise first and then physically next.

  • Where do I want go?

    • This is where vision boards, intentions, goal setting comes into play. For example, I want to be financially stable. To me, that is a physical place, because where I am currently at is financial instability. Does that make sense? So even though, financial stability is a non-physical attribute. It is, however, a state of mind. And because your thoughts become your reality, so our your goals and intentions. Take this time to imagine and list where you want to go in your life, the things you want to create, the places you want to see, everything. Do not limit yourself, because right now, you feel like you can’t get there. Imagine your utopia. Because castles in the air can become castles on the ground.

  • Pause to receive my utopia and know it as my truth

    • Before you dive into constructing concrete actions towards manifesting your utopia, pause. Meditate. Feel your utopia. What does it feel like to be this person? What does it feel like to be financially stable? What does it feel like to be in a loving relationship? Feel it to know it. Because once you know it, it becomes your truth and no one in this waking world can take that away from you. Your peace, joy, love, light, deliverance, and then some is yours. Feel it, receive it, know it.

  • Does who I am now align with where I want to go?

    • You’ve imagined your utopia. You took the time to feel it. Now with your utopia as real as your beating heart, list where you are right now then create one action to build a bridge between the two. For example, where I am at is financial instability and where I want to go is financial stability. After feeling the peace of being able to use my money without fear or doubt, one action step I set is to always give from that peace. And a way to help train my mind into operating from this state of peace is by saying the following, “I have and receive more than enough money to meet my needs. So mote it be.” This exercise is similar to the phrase, “Fake it till you make it.” However, there’s nothing fake about your truth. So if you believe with your whole heart that your utopia will manifest for you, then so shall it be. 

I hope these tips and resources help you on your journey. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments or on any of my social platforms i.e. @ilivebare on IG and Facebook. 

Till next time.