4 Key Tips Towards Living Real—You Better Say It Saturday #1

4 key tips towards living real

What does it mean to be real? 

real (definition) — not imitation | not fake, false or artificial | genuine

To be "real" and to be "legit" were phrases that I struggled with as a youngin’ growing up. And it wasn't until I got fed up with wearing masks that suffocated my self worth and making excuses for high expectations that weren't even mine, did I really understand what being real meant.

And because of that realization, I started this blog in order to help others live their authentic selves all day, everyday. However, I don't believe there's only one answer to this question of being real. So I asked the following people:

  • What does “being real” actually mean? 
  • And how do you act out being your real self in your daily life?

So if you've been looking for help in answering this question, explore these answers below to elevate you towards defining for yourself your own definition to being real. 


Being real is owning your experience and not abandoning it, no matter how uncomfortable. Being real is not being right, and is found through connecting with yourself. 

I work to act real by checking in with myself constantly and giving myself permission to feel whatever complex mix of emotions I experience, even if shame is involved.




It has taken me years and years to figure this one out, but to me being real is all about giving yourself permission to navigate life guided solely from within.

When you refuse to allow others to dictate how you look, how you behave, and how you speak, and choose instead to trust in your mind, your heart, and your intuition to guide you...You are keeping it real. 

Women (Especially Women of Color) have to don a mask sometimes to navigate the world without incident. Recognizing that, I allow myself the opportunity to be authentically me for as long as I can, and surround myself with people who support this. Sustained periods of unapologetic realness can get you through those masked moments. 


Ashley—Aspire Business:


Being real means being honest with myself and embracing myself. It's hard to be real with others, when you don't know what your "real" is.

We live in a world that constantly tells us how to feel, presents us comparisons, and often misinformation, and as a result we develop skewed view of ourselves. Our "real" becomes presented through a lens that is not our own. Being real means clearing that clutter, and honoring yourself for being just that, you. 



For me, being real means living my values. Family, love, flexibility, financial stability...my daily decisions are guided by this. As a result, I no longer feel the need to explain my choices to anyone because I know deep down inside I'm being true to me. 


What about you? What's your answers to:

  •  What does “being real” actually mean?
  • And how do you act out being your real self in your daily life?

And if you want to share, let us know your definition in the comments below.