Staying Motivated—Make It Happen Follow Up Friday #1

Staying Motivated

Everyone has something they want to make happen in their lives but staying motivated is a struggle bus with no brakes. 

During the month of May, it's all about making it happen—where you take your “it”, either a passion, a want or need you want to make happen in your life, choosing one goal centered around your “it”, and actively creating a space in your day-to-day hustle to work towards your goal. Basically, making your "it" your non-negotiable all day, everyday during the month of May.

So the Make It Happen challenge squad and I have created our "its" and goals and have been making ish happen for one full week. If you need help trying to stay motivated in your own challenge journey, here is a follow up on what we learned and have been able to accomplish in one week.

Make It Happen Challenge Squad:

Ashley Sharie

My "it" is self care, it's one of my major themes for the year however I have been slacking majorly due to pressures from my upcoming grad, and the usual culprit—work.

My goal is to make self care a priority.  This month I plan to do that by being more mindful of my actions.  I plan to limit the hours of TV I watch per week to no more than 10. I plan to replace that time with other activities that are inline with my self care goals.

To recap - my theme for this year is largely rooted in self care.  From travel to health everything is focused on honoring me and releasing burdens.  One of my self care myths is that binge watching is good for the soul. When in reality, how I was binge watching -- was an act of procrastination.  I still get things done, but at the expense of spending time taking care of and doing things for myself.

So now that we have the background established, I spent the last two weeks watching as close to 10 hours or less of TV per week.  Week 1, I closed out with 10.5 -- with as little as 1-2hrs per day. Week two a little more challenging, (I was 3hrs behind on the Good Wife), I'm track to finish right about 9 hours.

I took this "would be TV time" and cleaned, organized (for smoother execution of my morning and night routines), read and actually got my workouts done.  Four things that had been high on my to do list but had been neglected/inconsistent -- because they are the first things to get scrapped when I find myself in time crunch.  Next week I plan to continue to read, and transition from cleaning to minimizing -- that's the biggest task I continually participate in haphazardly and/or just delay all together.  

Carlos Joachin

My "It" is to let go of the fear of writing. 

My goal is to complete one short story a week. A total of 4 short stories.

I've always had a love-hate relationship with writing. I am always writing, whether it be random thoughts throughout the day or creating a fictional story. Unfortunately, writer's block is real and it strikes more often than not. I find myself starting a lot of pieces, and then overwhelming myself so much with ideas and possibilities that I give up on writing altogether. 

I've experienced the therapeutic and healing qualities that writing brings, which is why it's so frustrating when trying to write through things and being inundated with thoughts. For me, Make it Happen May is about going back to the basics of writing. To write freely; no overthinking, just doing. More importantly, to let go of any negative associations I've made with writing and sharing my thoughts. 

So far, writing my first piece has forced me to go back and think about a lot of emotional things from last year. It's been a challenge going back there after attempting to move on for so long. It feels like dangerous territory to bring back old memories. I also think it's a test of how far I've come and the lessons I've learned from it all. Time has been able to heal me in a lot of ways, but finishing this piece would bring about even more closure. I'm ready to tell my story, unapologetic and unafraid.  

Jessica Corbin

My "It" is to manage my blog, establish newsletter and design motivational journal. 

My goal is to establish a weekly newsletter.

With the help of this challenge, I have established a plan for my blog and establishing my weekly newsletter. I'm am currently developing a subscriber list and will have my first newsletter set to go out by the end of the month!

Jessica Jones

My “it” is my passion to create stories that will not only entertain but also leave a space for contemplation as well as a space to elevate people towards living their lives to the fullest.

My goal would then be to create 8 videos—a form I’ve been wanting to do for a while—centered around my “it”.

This week, I have written 3 scripts for my videos—which is really amazing cause I slowly feel like I'm being stretched like Mrs. Incredible and Mr. Fantastic combined. Except for me, I ain't that flexible. I feel like I decided to make it happen during what feels like the most busiest time in my life right now. And because of that, my major concern is being present. 

We only have this moment. Who knows what can happen. And if I don't take care of myself the way I need to, then how can I thoroughly and wholeheartedly invest in what I want to make happen in my life. So the major lessons I'm learning from this first week is patience and pacing as forms of self-care that I need to practice asap. With the play, my 9-5, this blog and my personal gym commitments, I know I got this. I'm motivated to complete it. But, I can't do it if I don't take care of myself. If I don't have the energy to do it. Cause then all my commitments will falter because of it. And that's something I can't let happen. 

Lakisha Corbett

My "It" is my passion for writing. 

My goal is to finish the first draft of my Ebook by the end of May. 

So far this challenge has forced me to make the time to focus on my goals. I have a 30 day book completion goal and so far I have finished the outline and what I believe to be my first chapter. I was struggling before to find a balance of work, blogging and the book but now I make time. I even posted an awesome blog post this week. 

I started waking up earlier in the day when I feel most inspired to just get it down. Each day I have been writing 400 words and the evening I edit. So far this system has been working out perfectly. 

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Lisa Q

My "It" is to be impeccable with my word—what I say, what I write, the script playing in my head.

One goal is to set a written/verbal intention chant for myself each week and to live, be and of course speak in accordance to that intention.

Thus far my plan to make my "it" happen, has been to create a weekly quote/saying/chant/line from a song—think Pinterest quotes—to be my call to action. My call to just do "it".

That would have been a good mantra - maybe I will use it in another week.

My impeccable word phrase was "Actually, I can".  Truth be told, I did see this on Pinterest and have referenced it in the past, even going so far as printing it and framing it, hanging it in my office, in my home and gluing it into my daily journal.

Clearly I am visually motivated, even when it comes to words.

I chose this quote mostly because of the "actually". It seemed to be a head-tilted response to any and many statements about what is possible, and what I choose to be my possibility.

So for instance, when I got a ridiculously annoying email and wondered if I could ignore it and save my joy, I thought, "Actually, I can". And so I did. Delete.

And when I told me I couldn't do something I was completely in the right to do, I said, "Actually, I can" and I did.

When I was on the treadmill and thought, "Geez, I haven't been running like this in a while, I'm not sure if I can bast this run for the next 30 minutes, my response was... you get the idea.

Getting back to my IT, which was to be impeccable with my word (verbal, written and internal dialogue/monologue), I spoke less and smiled more. I considered my intent and response to others more carefully. There were a lot of pauses and editing. This is where the weekly mantra really helped. It was a constant reminder of my choice in how, why, when and to whom I craft and share my word. On the flip side, I haven't written much for my blog. As I am considering my voice and message in a new way. Clarity.

And to pause with my blog biz growth so I can find the right words, is it ok, smart, something I can do at this point in its development?

Actually, I can. 

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Toya B.

My "It" is to help others find their true identity.

My goal is my passion for helping others, especially teens to use my experiences as lesson learns to help them transition through life. Ultimately I want people to be in love with their unique self by removing the labels and social pressures assigned to them by friend, family, and media. I think the best way to do this is reaching our teens by giving the necessary tools to transition into adulthood.  

I've conducted research on video editing and tools needed for audio visual. I have also purchased the crafts to create a DIY back drop. I'm really excited about this part as it will be unique to me and that's what I represent. It also allows me to be creative. I love tapping into my creative side. This weekend I will setup my space where I will film my videos, draft a blog introducing the challenge, and film the introduction (About Me) video.

This is oh surreal as I feel extremely vulnerable but at the same time I am sharing my story that I believe will inspire and motivate others to be their unique self. 

Be sure check back in every Friday to follow up on the Make It Happen Challenge Squad as we make the steps to actualizing our goal and making ish happen.

Feel inspired? Want to share your "it" or goal? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.