Staying Focused—Make It Happen Follow Up Friday #2

staying focused

Everyone has something they want to make happen in their lives and staying focused is like your personal guiding star.

During the month of May, it's all about making it happen—where you take your “it”, either a passion, a want or need you want to make happen in your life, choosing one goal centered around your “it”, and actively creating a space in your day-to-day hustle to work towards your goal. Basically, making your "it" your non-negotiable all day, everyday during the month of May.

And when it comes to making it happen, sometimes the potential to lose our focus may begin to creep up. Slowly turning into that nagging voice in the back of your head that asks why—lowering your resolve with each self-doubting question. 

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Why does it matter to you anyway?
  • Can't I just stop?
  • Nothing really changes, right?

Wrong! Things do change when you take the time to make them change. And it all happens through your strong, continuous focus on your why. 

That's why the Make It Happen challenge squad and I have created our "its" and goals and have been making ish happen for two full weeks. If you need help staying focused in your own challenge journey, here is a follow up on what we learned and have been able to accomplish in our second week.

Make It Happen Challenge Squad:

Carlos Joachin

My "It" is to let go of the fear of writing. 

My goal is to complete one short story a week. A total of 4 short stories.

Here's my first piece.


He stands with a gin and tonic in one hand, and the other in his pocket fiddling with two pink starbursts. His favorite. He sips from his drink, then takes his phone out of his pocket to text, "Here".

Game 7 plays on the TV screens. The room is shrouded in orange and black, perfectly embodying all the excitement and angst.

I pull into the parking space; take a deep breath and say, “Here goes nothing.”

My eyes quickly scan the room as I walk through the door, expecting to land on a familiar face.

 A few short seconds seem like eternity. Our eyes lock. A smile exchanged.

His heart races as he thinks about the proper greeting. A hug may be too much, a handshake too formal.

The room cheers as the Giants score and take the lead. As I walk towards him the crowd fades out of view, leaving behind a friendly hug I didn't know I had been missing. 

The night goes on, and nerves are replaced by butterflies. I am soothed by his charm and infectious smile. 

I head for the bathroom. He pops a pink starburst in his mouth. The strawberry flavor invades his taste-buds as he thinks about our conversation so far. The commonalities are plenty, the differences intriguing. He quickly reaches for his phone to update his friend via text. "He's so cute. I want to kiss him."

I walk up to the table as he hurries to put his phone away with a grin. We check the score on the TV to see the Giants are now behind. I attempt to distract him by telling him about my most embarrassing moment. It involves a failed talent show performance. 

The game ends in a loss, yet the night is marked with such stimulating conversation and sweet beginnings that time seems to slip from both of our hands. 

I walk him over to his car, neither of us knowing how to or wanting to say goodnight. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his last starburst. 

He tells me that pink starbursts have been his favorite since childhood. They cheer him up when he's down, and soothe him when he's stressed. Pink starbursts have become a coping mechanism. 

He hands me the starburst and says, "I want you to have this one."

Jessica Corbin

My "It" is to manage my blog, establish newsletter and design motivational journal. 

My goal is to establish a weekly newsletter.

I am participating in the Make it Happen Challenge to improve and grow my blog This blog started off as a hobby but now it has become a Huge source of inspiration for me and my readers hopefully. My goal is to grow my blog readership so eventually I can blog full time and quit my day job. I am passionate about helping women redefine their own story and debunking the harmful stories about African American women that are often perpetuated in the media. The Make it Happen Challenge has helped me to treat my blog less like a hobby and more like a priority.

Jessica Jones

My “it” is my passion to create stories that will not only entertain but also leave a space for contemplation as well as a space to elevate people towards living their lives to the fullest.

My goal would then be to create 8 videos—a form I’ve been wanting to do for a while—centered around my “it”.

This week, though it feels like I haven't done much, I have gotten started setting up my space, planning out my video schedule, and just overall focusing on my why in my content. I want to make sure that from the get-go I am being real and true to my why in everything that I do. And if that means, taking the necessary time I need to visualize and plan it out, then ya I feel focusedly accomplished :D

Lisa Q

My "It" is to be impeccable with my word—what I say, what I write, the script playing in my head.

One goal is to set a written/verbal intention chant for myself each week and to live, be and of course speak in accordance to that intention.

Well this week was a quiet one. Ironic and deeply meaningful considering my goal is all about words. The constant editing eased into powerful pausing and well, in some cases simply keeping my mouth shut. When I had something to say, I said it/wrote it. Thoughtful and succinct. Most of the time :) And then I moved on.

My go-to mantra continued to be "Actually, I can", then at some point eased into "In due time". This phrase totally helped me in mind, spoken and written word. It shut my anxious inner critic up in a heartbeat and allowed me the time, space and motion to find the right words or tone. Above and beyond that, the slowing down led to increased patience, which is leading me back into that personal and creative flow where, indeed, I can and I do. 

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Be sure check back in every Friday to follow up on the Make It Happen Challenge Squad as we make the steps to actualizing our goal and making ish happen.

Feel inspired? Want to share your "it" or goal? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.