Quotable Check Ins | #1 — #3

#1 -

What do you mean it's the 1st day of December?


AND it's the first day of the last month of 2015?!


No lie ‪#‎drake‬, where did the time go?

With this realization, I had to pause the hustle and take the time to reflect.

Asking myself: Have I've been living true to myself in 2015?
Answer: Maybe.

I don't want to carry that uncertainty and insecurity through the end of this year. So I'm deciding today to finish 2015 strong by reflecting on who I've been these past 11 months and move forward in positive growth as we countdown to 2016.

Questions to Consider:

So have you been real with yourself this year?
If not, what moves are you making to close out this year LIKE A BOSS?

#2 -

I shoulda done this.
I coulda done that.
I woulda done this if it wasn't for that.

There's nothing like a shoulda, coulda, woulda response to give my excuses some excusatory power. And once the excuse is made, there's a high potential to use it again.

I shoulda, coulda, woulda.
But what's stopping me from just getting it done?

Shoulda, coulda, wouldas are mostly responses to fear. 
A response to the ideas that seem impossible or unreal.
But in reality, all the energy I put into these excuses could've resulted in actually getting shit done.

Well, I made a mental list comparing my shoulda, coulda, wouldas to things I've actually done. And the comparison was too close for my taste. So I'm making a move today that when a shoulda, coulda, woulda excuse arises, I just put in the back of my mind and JUST DO IT! ‪#‎thanksshia‬

Questions to Consider:

What do you need to just DO? What shoulda, coulda, woulda excuse is holding you back?

Tip to Practice:

Make a list (mental or written) comparing your shoulda, coulda, wouldas to the things you actually got done this year. Count how many shoulda, coulda, woulda excuses. Then count what you've actually gotten done. With these numbers, aim to lower your excuses and increase your actions. That way you can see a quantitative growth as you progress in 2016.  

#3 -

As a creative person, ideas pop up in my head like popcorn in a microwave.


And even when these ideas seem impossible to fulfill, I believe in them enough to make them real.

For example, my BIGGEST, IMPOSSIBLE idea was BARE. #mystrugglebaby From conceptualizing to design, through belief and some elbow grease, I made it real. And through it's realness, you, ya you reading right now, continue to keep it alive through your engagement by just reading this post.

So Thank You! Thank you for believing in this idea along with me and helping me to keep this idea alive and thriving.

Question to Consider:

What is your most cherished, impossible idea or struggle baby that you've made or are striving to make real this year?

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