6 Ways to Positively Reboot Your Brain

6 ways to positively reboot your brain. the image is of a notebook, fruit/granola bowl, spoon, plants.

Due to an increasingly packed schedule, where everything seems to be due today or by the end of this week, I’ve been on edge.

“Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge. I’m trying not to lose my head.” Because literally, I’m having a mental meltdown.

My brain displays this error message that it "does not compute.” Flashing this message repeatedly until my brain finally shuts down. And overall, I don’t get anything done and habitually procrastinate my work. Building up my schedule to unimaginable levels.

So if you’re like me and need a mental reboot, here are 6 ways to overcome a mental meltdown and positively reboot your brain in order to get work done.


1. Breathe

I have a tendency to overreact internally when things become too much to handle. 

And because of that tendency, I build up unnecessary stress and literally suffocate myself with worry. 

By taking full deep breaths, as many as you need, it not only clears your lungs of the stress but also your mind. Because stress is a disease. One that has no health benefits except lighting a fire under your ass to get things done. So with each new breath, convert that stress into usable effective energy to get whatever it is on your plate handled. 

2. Divide and Conquer A Little Bit At A Time

Sometimes when I’m stressed, I see everything at one time as if it formed into this large, impenetrable mass of things I have to do. So much so that I wave my little white flag before even trying.

By dividing and conquering a little bit at a time, the work doesn’t seem to be too much anymore. In fact, especially with complicated work, I leave it alone and do another task in the meantime. That way when I return to it, I have a fresh mindset than when I was looking at it with a stressed out mind.

So sort out your work, prioritize and make those little steps toward getting things done. Because, the smaller the step, the larger the result.


3. Take A Break

I love breaks. I love the idea of breaks. But 9 times out of 10, I don’t take them.  Sometimes, I think, “if I just power through it, I can get it done faster.”

EHHH! Wrong Answer!

Because missing out on that break, just increased my chances of more stress equaling to mental combustion.

Schedule and utilize your break time. Whether it’s a stretch break or a dance break, let the physical energy flow in order to:

(1) release the tension from the work you’ve been doing,

(2) provide clarity so that when you go back to work, you have a refreshed mind and a different outlook on your tasks and

(3) to remind yourself that you are human.

You are not a robot. You need rest. You can’t compute for a full 24 hours without shutting down.

Hell even some computers can’t do that.

So bust out your dance moves, yoga poses or a good head, shoulders, knees and toes stretch. As long as you’re moving, that’s all that matters.

4. A "Handle Your Business" Playlist

As a designer and writer, sometimes I get really bored being in my mental space for too long. So when I just need to dump some ideas on a page or in a design document, I turn on my playlist i.e. Pandora and just create. Or I’ll listen to alpha waves for relaxation or beta waves for concentration to help with the activity that I’m doing.

Music helps take the stress off when you feel pressed for time. But it only helps when you allow it. Sometimes depending on our mood or attitude, music can add more stress to what we’re already feeling.

Be aware of your emotions and attitudes. If you feel you need your playlist to handle your business, then pop those headphones on, feel the music and get it done.

5. Just Do It!

Obviously everyone has seen this video and/or meme. It has even made it into Youtube Rewind showing how viral this video has become.

But have people been implementing this concept of just doing it?

Shia’s “Just Do It!” video is the same motivational speech as Mel Robbins’ “5 Second Rule”. For her, she explains that when you have the impulse about an idea or task within the first 5 seconds, Do It! Whether it’s as simple as sending out an email or taking a walk. If you don’t do it within those 5 seconds, you won’t have that impulse again. Leaving you to make your idea or work feel like a chore. And that initial, passionate impulse that you had for that idea, project or task will be hard to find again.


So if you’re having a mental meltdown like me, assess what is giving you stress. What has piled on your plate that seems insurmountable to eat, and just to do it to the best of your ability. You’re never gonna feel like doing it. So why waste the energy of making it unbelievably more difficult to get your plans accomplished? When you just do it, the success of completing it is not the destination. It is all about the overall journey to finally saying, “I’m done”.

6. Positive Reinforcement

At the end of the day, I know I can only get so much done. Forcing myself to stay awake and handle business or worrying about too many things at once is unhealthy, and it is just another form of negative thinking.

Positive reinforcement helps you ground yourself toward achieving your goals, plans and commitments. One form of positive reinforcement is quotes. They are daily and sometimes hourly reminders that can empower you when you need to get things off your plate.

As for me, they also positively reinforce myself to be prepared for if and when I fail.

Failure is a part of life. I may not get everything done and that’s okay. And I can either wallow in that failure and beat myself up about it. Or I can take its lessons and keep on stepping.

All in all, do whatever works for you. For me, these are just a few ways that have positively rebooted my brain this week. What do you do?

Questions to Consider:

What in your schedule is overwhelming you and causing you a mental meltdown? What ways do you overcome your meltdown and reboot your brain?

Tip to Practice:

The "Mind on Body" exercise is all about putting your body on the forefront of your mind. If you need to schedule your meals to make sure that you eat or schedule some much needed sleep, pause the hustle and write out five things that you need to do for your body today.

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