Make It Happen Challenge

Estimated time: 6 minutes

Everyone has something they want to make happen in their lives. 

Hell, you may even have something that you want to make happen right now as you're reading this. However, life may have caused roadblocks—hindering you from making your "it" a reality. 

So this month's challenge is entitled "Make It Happen May”—where you take your “it”, either a passion, a want or need you want to make happen in your life, choose one goal centered around your “it”, and actively create a space in your day-to-day hustle to work towards your goal. Basically, making your "it" your non-negotiable all day, everyday during the month of May. #bars

And just to get a feel of what I'm talking about, here is my “it”, my goal, and how I will go about completing it.

My passion, my “it”, is to create stories that will not only entertain but also leave a space for contemplation — elevating people towards living their lives to the fullest.

My goal would then be to create 8 videos—a form I’ve been wanting to do for a while—centered around my “it”.

Therefore, each day in May, I will actualize my “it” by creating videos twice a week. That way by the end of the month, I will have accomplished my goal. 

Make sense?

So whatever your "it" is, whether it's teaching people a new skill, having a more healthy or minimalistic lifestyle, or even just being the best "you" you can be right now, create your one goal centered around your "it", and join me in making ish happen throughout the month of May. 

Also share your day-to-day journey using the hashtag #MakeItHappenMay and let's get a community together to help support and uplift each other towards our goals.


Leave your thoughts in the comments ↓ and feel free to share your challenge journey with me on FacebookIG, or Twitter.