It's Alive | The Struggle to Create


What I love about the Biblical Creation story is that, after God created everything, He looked it over and felt good about it.

He was feelin' Himself. Feelin' Himself.

He felt so good about it that He was like, “Imma take break and enjoy life”

At least that’s my version #DontQuoteMeOnIt.

We all create. We create with our words. We create through our actions. But we all have something extra. Something unique that correlates to our own individual creative power. From design to writing or DIY projects to braiding hair, I’m diversified in my creativity. Yet, why can’t I call myself a creator?

Because I’m my BIGGEST critic!

When a project is just for me, I look it over, feel good about it and enjoy my creation. But when it’s for someone else especially for a mass of people, that’s when the insecurity kicks in.

When my insecurity game is too strong, my expectations worsen my reality.

And my head starts filling with what ifs.

What if _________________ (don’t / doesn’t) like it?

What if I can’t give _________________ what _________________ wants?

What if ______________  (is / are) expecting more from me?

What if...

What if…

What Motherfin’ if…

These What Ifs and more became asbestos to my creativity. I create with all these expectations in mind. Only, I find out that these expectations are really disguised as what if toxic walls.

My What Ifs are hindrances disguised as expectation.

Hell, imagine that in the same creation story God had a what if moment. Questioning everything to the point that He talked Himself out of creating.

Great Scott! Wouldn’t that would be a dope alternative universe. (Grabs tan coat, grabs long colorful scarf and proceeds to enter my Tardis).

But...No. After He created everything, He laid back in His La-Z-Boy and rested #MyTrillVersion.

So let’s cut the what ifs and create a recipe for you and me to accept being a creator, learning to look over our creations and enjoy them.

Step #1 | Add A Dash of Courage

You don’t need a whole lot. So if you look up to someone, a person in your family, a person in your hometown, celebrity, etc., swagga jack a dash of their courage. Because usually the people that inspire us are the same people with a lot of courage to spare.

Better yet, find that same courage inside yourself. Even the cowardly lion didn’t know he had courage till someone pointed it out. So create with courage. Cause, no one can see it if you don’t express it.

I tend to need a little bit of both. Swagga jackin’ my inspirations’ courage through their actions either in their creative projects or in how they carry themselves courageously on a day to day basis. But I also delve deep inside myself. Reviewing my strengths, acknowledging my weaknesses and using them both to courageously fuel my creativity.

Step #2 | Grab A Pinch of Creative Vision

Grabbing a pinch of creative vision helps visualize your creation. That divine inspiration, that spark of creative genius or just a random creative thought burst in your mind.  


And with that vision, let it pull your creativity to create. If you want to create a painted piece with cool colors to form the image of Obama, that is a creative vision.

But if you expect that you lack the skills to draw Obama or that you lack the tools to create your vision, you’re having a what if fit. And that ain’t creatively healthy #SquashThatShit.

Step #3 | Create and Spill It

When creating, whether it’s writing, painting, singing, etc., there is a fear of failure. The wrong key, the wrong paint stroke, the fragment. Which is why such instances are seen as errors in relation to the creative piece. But in the creative process, it should be all about the trial regardless of the stumbling along the way.

Hell, it wouldn’t be called a process if there was no trial.

That’s why I love the scientific method. After you have your question, your research and your hypothesis, you test. And for the creatively inclined, you pose a question or idea that only your art can answer. You research your experience and skill set and use creative vision to pull your creativity toward completing your creative piece. And then finally, you start creating, experimenting and just having fun with your creativity.

But if your art doesn’t turn out like you expected, which happens to me PLENTY of times, that’s just the nature of the creative process and you just completed trial #1. Congratulations!

Yet what made you feel like you failed? What was the “error” in your trial?

Well maybe a sentence didn’t fit in your story. Maybe you computed the wrong code for your website design. Or maybe the paint stroke was too bold while the other strokes were too light.

But These Aren’t “Errors”. They’re Just “Happy Little Accidents”. #BobRoss

What’s scary about the trial is the potential for error. So put your fear in the backseat, remix your perception of errors and just create and spill it. Let the accidents happen. Make one accident. Or many. But at least try.

So let’s add a dash of courage, grab a pinch of creative vision and let’s spill it. Let’s create. Cause, we are all creators making our creations come to life everyday and everywhere #CreativeLiving.


What are you struggling to create? What do you feel limits your ability to express yourself?

Feel inspired? Want to share? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.