Grow Yourself Towards Change Challenge

You may have heard the phrase, "April Showers Bring May Flowers."

This month, we are revamping this phrase towards growing our change. Because despite the rain, there is growth happening all around us.  And since the Earth is growing all this fresh, new life, why should we let the Earth grow alone.

The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge is all about using positive affirmations to grow ourselves towards the change we want in our lives. So if you want to start growing, here are the seven challenge prompts to inspire you and are tailored to your own growing phase. 

#1 Reflection

Everyone needs some time to reflect. Challenge yourself to schedule in some much needed self-reflection with this prompt.

Today I Will Reflect for 10 min. on (insert someone or something you need to reflect on).

#2 Self-Care

Putting yourself on the back burner too often? Challenge yourself to include some self care in your life with this prompt. 

Today I Will Care for Myself by (insert an activity).

#3 Passion

Want to live out your passion but never feel like you have the time? Challenge yourself to make your passion real with this prompt.

Today I Will Live Out My Passion By (insert an activity).

#4 Non-Negotiables

Sometimes you just want something that's yours. Challenge yourself to stick to your non-negotiable with this prompt. 

Today I Will Not Let Anyone or Anything Take My (insert your non-negotiable). 

#5 Reward

Everyone deserves a reward even from making it to a new day. Challenge yourself to treat and reward yourself with this prompt.

Today I Will Reward Myself By (insert an activity). 

#6 Quote

Quotes are helpful guides. Yet do we act on what they're saying? Challenge yourself to live out a quote with this prompt.

Today I Will Live Out This Quote's Meaning (insert your quote). 

#7 Wild Card

The day-to-day hustle can get EXTREMELY boring and monotonous. Challenge yourself to spice up your life with this wild card prompt.

#TheGrowYourselfChallenge Today i will wild card insert wild card activity #Positiveaffirmations

With this challenge, print and fill out 30 challenge prompts to represent each day in April, grab a bowl, jar or some kind of container, and mix up your prompts. Then with each new day, just grab your prompt out of the container and go about your day. That way, regardless of your schedule, you are committing and still making time for your own self growth.

This challenge starts April 1st. Don't wait for your change to come! Start growing today with these positive affirmations to guide your day-to-day.

And finally, share your daily challenge cards on social media with the hashtag, #TheGrowYourselfChallenge or #Know2Grow and get featured on the website and on social media. Let the challenge begin!