The Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 3 in Review

The Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 3 in Review

The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge is all about using positive affirmations to grow ourselves towards the change we want in our lives. 

With this challenge, you print and fill out 30 challenge prompts to representeach day in April, grab a bowl, jar or some kind of container, and mix up your prompts. 

Then with each new day, just grab your prompt out of the container and go about your day. That way, regardless of your schedule, you are committing and still making time for your own self growth.

Since April 1st, I've participated in this challenge — pulling out a card each morning and sticking to it throughout every moment of my day as well as taking note of my experiences by sharing my journey on Instagram. 

So if you need some positive change to happen like right now, right now, check out my challenge journey during the third week of The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge. 

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It's Day 16 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today my card is all about rewarding myself with 2 coconut milk teas with extra boba.

And if you've been following my challenge journey,Yes, I put two of the same card in my challenge jar.

1. COCONUT is delicious.
2. BOBA is delicious.
and 3. who doesn't like a good cup of HOT or ICED TEA.

But yet again, my boba dreams were not realized.

However I still had a rewarding day by spending time with my mama as we did what most people do with a new paycheck (other than bills): Eating & Shopping ;) So despite the lack of boba deliciousness, because I welcomed myself to being rewarded today, I had a full day in which I am greatly thankful for—making memories with my mama.

And that is reward enough.

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It's Day 17 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today my card is all about not letting anyone or anything take my personality.

If personality is defined by a set of qualities and behaviors that make a person different from other people, then why do we spend so much time trying to be like everybody else.

From experience, the comparison game used to be a go to for me. Comparing my personality, my body, hell even my style to try and fit into other people's shoes.

I would even go as far as to say that when I lost 20+lbs from walking pneumonia, all I could think about was now I'm able to fit into those size 7/9 pair of jeans.

Well, I'm not that mentally unhealthy girl anymore. Because, I remind and accept myself for who I am daily in order to push out the thoughts that still linger.

So don't let the influence of comparisons trash your uniqueness.

Accept yourself and all the things in between that define you.

You are your non-negotiable and never let anyone or anything take your magic ✨

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It's Day 18 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today my card is all about reflecting for 10 minutes on my fears.

So here's a highlight reel of them:

I have fear of the dark.

I have a fear of failure.

I have fears of letting myself down that hat promotes my self-doubt.

I have a fear of tarnishing a relationship with my family, extended family and all the other homies in between.

I have a fear for my brothers' lives everyday as young Black men in today's society.

I have so many fears, because everyday, we literally live in the unknown.

Each day, hour, minute, second is not stored up somewhere in like some secret Swiss bank account for me or you to just go and withdraw from.

That's why regardless of all my fears, I strive to make each new moment matter.

Though I have my fears, they're not chains to me.

And neither, should they be for you.

Use them as fuel and keep living.

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It's Day 19 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today my card is all about living out this quote:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

There's so much investment in our plans for tomorrow.

Maybe I'll just start this project tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll do better at work tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll go to the gym tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll (insert activity here) tomorrow.

But why not be proud of your today.

Accomplish the things you want to right now, and even if you can't complete it all, don't disappoint yourself by viewing all the things you have to put off for tomorrow as a negative.

Make it positive! Make a list and comb through all that you've done even putting down that you made it a point to eat at least 3x today (cause I mean fam that is an accomplishment). Be proud of all that you can do today. Because you can only do YOUR best right now. You can't go back or forward. You only got today. And if you are blessed to see a new day, then pursue your today like it's nobody's business.

How can you put that thang down flip and reverse the negatives into positives?

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It's Day 20, 21 & 22 of#TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

You may be asking yourself: "Why she combine three days into one post?" Well, I am a creative.

And these three days were all about living out my passion by focusing on my design, my acting and my creative ideas. This was not only a fulfilling experience but a reminder that I should always make my passions a priority.

So whatever your passion, know that you should always invest in it.

Don't let your wants and dreams die.

Fuel them by taking the time to invest in them and see how your investment will pay off day by day. 


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