The Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 2 in Review

Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 2 in Review

 The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge is all about using positive affirmations to grow ourselves towards the change we want in our lives. 

With this challenge, you print and fill out 30 challenge prompts to represent each day in April, grab a bowl, jar or some kind of container, and mix up your prompts. 

Then with each new day, just grab your prompt out of the container and go about your day. That way, regardless of your schedule, you are committing and still making time for your own self growth.

Since April 1st, I've participated in this challenge — pulling out a card each morning and sticking to it throughout every moment of my day as well as taking note of my experiences by sharing my journey on Instagram. 

So if you need some positive change to happen like right now, right now, check out my challenge journey during the second week of The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge. 

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It's Day 9 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge

And ya it's all about unplugging from 1 electronic device. You may notice that this actually being posted on Day 10. And that's because I unplugged from my phone yesterday.

As a newbie blogger, I realized how attached I've become to my phone. Posting, scrolling, and responding to emails, IG, Facebook and Twitter mentions. Just trying to stay in tuned to the community. But even outside of blogging, I use my phone for time, directions, the weather, hell even a mirror.

So I unplugged for the day, leaving it at home and just enjoying being present with the fam - exercising at the gym, eating at Macaroni Grill n watching #HardcoreHenry.

Unplugging from technology is a great way to just be present with the world around you.

#Unplug and take a chance with what's happenin in your present.

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It's Day 10 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about rewarding myself by reading one of my many unread books.

As a person who loves both literature and film, I understand that film is more appealing than lit. But sometimes, you just gotta get away from the glare of your computer screen or tv screen or mobile screen, and just rest your eyes a bit.

Whether it's closing your eyes or, as for me, reading a book, you can have the simplest of rewards in just giving your mind a break from the day to day hustle.

 What's your own self reward for the day?

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It's Day 11 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about living out my passion by creating a collaboration week for BARE.

I'm all about building a community of folks who are done being passive about who they are and ready to start being actively real with themselves all day, everyday.

Grow Yourself Towards Change Collabathon is about using daily affirmations towards positive self growth. Basically acting on your daily affirmations through how you express yourself.

Can't wait to create?
Want more information?

Well the link is #inmyprofile!

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It's Day 12 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about not letting anyone or anything take my drive.

However, having the drive to WANT to make something real and ACTUALLY implementing it are two different things.

Take the time to know what you want and when you do #MakeItHappen!

Always make your drive, your purpose,  a non-negotiable.

Because wouldn't you rather have list full of:
I did its!
Should, Coulda, Wouldas.

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It's Day 13 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about reflecting for 10 min on my strengths.

However, you know there's a problem in your spirit when you can't even think of one.

I'm pretty sure I literally brain farted for a good TWO minutes before I even wrote ANYTHING down. And I'm pretty sure that struggle was from the remnants of my self-love issues.

Because my self-doubt and shaming was all due to comparisons.

However, at the end of the day,
there's only

  • you, 
  • what you can do, 
  • and what you've already done.

Reflecting on your strengths is showing yourself some much needed self-love when you need to remind yourself of just how awesome you are.

Praising the aspects that YOU excel at.

No comparisons.

Just laying yourself out for only you to see.

What parts of yourself do you need to shine some self-love on today?

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It's Day 14 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about not letting anyone or anything take my inner peace.

This I must say was DIFFICULT.

And not because I couldn't do it. It's mainly because it's hard to measure.

Throughout your day, there's a possibility of experiencing:

  • happiness,
  • sadness,
  • anger,
  • disappointment,
  • joy,
  • success,

the list goes on.

But by honoring solely my inner peace, I was not giving credit to the gambit of all my other emotions. 

Having inner peace is great. But, it only comes with knowing that everything you experience
in your day, week, month, year, and lifetime, is acknowledged and appreciated.

Embrace all of your emotions today in order to find inner peace in every colorful and unique avenue, street or runway of your entire BEING.

What emotion(s) do you have a hard time embracing?

What way(s) will help you learn how to acknowledge, appreciate and embrace this emotion? 

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It's Day 15 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about rewarding myself by watching a new show or movie.

It's been a minute since I got this card. And when I did, I. Was. ECSTATIC! Because I was pushing myself to the EXTREME this week.

I created and advertised for the collabathon, still working my 9-5, meeting new online homies, I mean the list is mind-bottling.

Like I have PAGES of what I've done this week alone.

So finding Evelyn From The Internets@Evelynfromtheinternets, her humor, y'all, just lifted all the spirits.

Like the stress from all the work, just melted away from my mind. And all I did was just focused on her comedy and had a BOMB ass time because of it.

So reward yourself when necessary. I mean seeing this new day, today, is a reward in itself.

Challenge yourself to reward yourself even when you feel like you don't have the time.

Your mind, body and soul will be glad you did.

So what are you going to do to reward yourself?


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