The Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 1 in Review

Grow Yourself Challenge — Week 1 in Review

 The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge is all about using positive affirmations to grow ourselves towards the change we want in our lives. 

With this challenge, you print and fill out 30 challenge prompts to represent each day in April, grab a bowl, jar or some kind of container, and mix up your prompts. 

Then with each new day, just grab your prompt out of the container and go about your day. That way, regardless of your schedule, you are committing and still making time for your own self growth.

Since April 1st, I've participated in this challenge — pulling out a card each morning and sticking to it throughout every moment of my day as well as taking note of my experiences by sharing my journey on Instagram. 

The first day was mainly getting my challenge cards ready — physically actualizing my commitment to this challenge and to myself. So Day 2, April 2nd, was my first real day of living out my cards. 

So if you need some positive change to happen like right now, right now, check out my challenge journey during the first week of The Grow Yourself Towards Change challenge. 

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It's Day 2 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today, my card is all about rewarding myself with 2 coconut milk teas with Xtra boba.

Yes that's ALOT of boba. 
But today, I had a better reward. 
I instead am rewarding myself with the people around me. People that inspire and empower. And who are funny as hell.

And that is enough of an reward for me.
What about you? What would you consider your reward today?

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It's Day 3 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge

Today was all about reflecting for 10min on my flaws. I learned that:

  • I have a habit of lying.
  • My reason for lying comes from my need to please people.
  • My need to please people comes from my insecurity of being awkward.
  • My awkwardness comes from feeling like an outsider most of the time.
  • My alienation comes from not growing up in a "traditional" stereotypical upbringing.
  • And that lack of similarity has been the reason why I had the need to not wanna be myself.

Being real with yourself and knowing yourself is us taking the time to understand even the not so glamorous triggers in your life.

Do you know yours?

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It's Day 4 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about living out this quote:

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it - Bruce Lee

When you want change to happen already in my life, it's so easy to want to duplicate the success of my (insert one of my many inspirations here). Yet honestly if I was gifted with that success right now, I know wouldn't be ready for it.

That's why I'm living out this quote by being true to myself in the here and now. Using this time now to figure out whatever long run I'm running to.

That way when I look back, I wont be sad to find that I left my true self behind for the sake of quick come up.

Be proud of who you are by being patient with yourself in order to enjoy your journey.

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It's Day 5 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge! 

Today is all about my #Millenials and #CollegeGrads who are living at home with the fam:

Know that I'm on the same struggle bus.

There's negative stigma about moving back home after college.

And that negativity + your own self negativity from

  • not finding opportunity,
  • not knowing where to go,
  • not knowing what to do,
  • I mean just livin life stuck,

just f***in' sucks.

But from a fellow struggle bus rider who is slowly finding her bus stop, don't let the negativity consume you.

  • Keep your vibes positive.
  • Keep your mind open.
  • And keep stuntin!

Take advantage of the teaching moments around you. 
As for me, I'm doing that by spending some time with my parents.

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It's Day 6 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about making my non-negotiable my priority.

My non-negotiable aka my time was spent:

  • Reading a daily devotional 
  • Watching #AT2UI
  • Listening to #TheLifeofPablo while driving to work
  • Enjoying the Cali weather
  • Getting some work done with my content writing self
  • Meeting with some down as f friends for some dope mac n cheese
  • And all the moments in between.

Knowing that my day was filled with new, beautiful and chill moments makes focusing on my time that much more awesome!

Try making your time a non-negotiable and learn how to cherish all the moments you were able to experience throughout your day.

Definitely a MUST repeat!

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It's Day 7 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge

Today is all about writing a letter to one of my empirations.

 An empiration is the dope uniqueness within people or things that not only inspires you but also empowers you to act on what is achievable in your life. 

Sometimes it's not enough to just be inspired.
But when you meet someone who fills you with that power to be better... Bruh!
That's when you know your purpose bucket is filled! 

And that's why I spent my day thanking as many people as social media would allow because: 

  1. you don't need a reason to tell someone how thankful and grateful you are for their existence and 
  2. everyone has a unique journey, and because of that, you have your own unique empiration within you.

And your empirations fills my purpose bucket to the point that all can say is... THANK YOU!

Continue to live in your own empiration and thank those around you for the empirations both hidden and woke within them :D

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It's Day 8 of #TheGrowYourselfChallenge!

Today is all about living out this quote:

A creative (wo)man is motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to best others - Ayn Rand

This quote was hard for me to live out. 

Growing up, especially during my school years, personal achievements equated to being the best over my classmates and even over those in my community. Though what I realized is: Besting others causes rifts.

Rifts in our relationships, at work, at school, and even within ourselves.

Creativity, to me, is based on the Swahili word, Kuumba, meaning using creativity to change the world around you than when you first arrived into it.

Creativity should then be finding ways to achieve growth within ourselves and how we can share our experience and achievements with others.

This quote, to me, is living creatively with openness.

What about you? What does this quote mean to you? How can you live out your meaning in your daily life?


Feel inspired? Want to share? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.