Step Out in Your Greatness with the Fuck Your Comfort Zone Challenge

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fuck your comfort zone challenge. Woman on top of a mountain holding a flag with hands in the air. Pic Credit:  Pexels

Inspired by Shonda Rhimes' "Year of Yes", this challenge is letting out a good ole "Fuck You" to your comfort zone. 

I'm not talking about it in regards to like YOLO where caution and safety can be thrown out the window. No, I'm talking about those I wanna quit moments. Those I wanna give up moments where things feel too hard or your purpose seems nonexistent or your ambitions, dreams, goals, day-to-day tasks just feel undoable. And basically all you have the energy to do is snuggle up with some ice cream, i.e., Talenti and/or Blue Bell, or you just close yourself off—not just from the world but also yourself. 

Wait girl what you mean closing myself off?

When you don't feel good enough for anything, you're already shutting the door on yourself before you even try. And the one who closes the door is the you that doesn't feel good enough. The you that feels like you can't do it. The you that likes the familiarity of everything in your world. The you that undermines your greatness. The you that keeps you living in your comfort zone, that's who you need to say fuck you to. 

The reason why I'm starting this is because I need to say "Fuck You" too—to my comfort zone and to the me who is so keen on wanting to stay in it. The one that allows me to procrastinate on awesome opportunities due to buried insecurities. The one who keeps wanting to do something new but whose feet freeze up when action is required. The one who is that nagging voice that prevents me from being my real self, because I'm still nervous and anxious about what folks might think.




I keep falling into these lapses and relapses of needing to (re)affirm my self worth instead of just basking in it all day, everyday. 

And maybe you're like me too.

So if you resonated with this, join me in letting out that fuck you by taking the initiative to step out of your comfort zone each day in your own self-affirming way.

The following video series is my way of experimenting and branching out of my comfort zone. 

Mic Drop Though Prompt

How will you break out of your comfort zone?

Tip: Start by choosing one activity and acting out on it. Each day, reflect on your experience and see how that activity expanded your zone. And don't knock your progress. Every step is an important step. So don't get down if you don't feel a change automatically. 

When you're breaking a habit, each person has their own timeline. In fact, you may wish you can change your life with the snap of your finger or a pop in the microwave. However, despite our easy bake culture, that first step and the steps in between are just as important as when you finally meet that goal.

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