How to Examine Your Inspirations

how to examine your inspirations. the image is of a black woman in front of a colorful wall. Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. because you become what you believe — Oprah Winfrey

When I was growing up, before Ellen, the ladies from the View and Wendy Williams, the only queen that mattered on TV was Oprah.

So when Oprah first announced her channel, Oxygen, I had to give thanks to the cable box.Cause through watching the shows on that channel, the only things that I wanted to do in my life were to go to Hillman college and cop Dwayne’s shades while chillin’ in the Brooklyn brownstone with Maxine making sure there’s food in Khadijah, Synclaire, and Regina’s fridge.

A Different World and Living Single references. So if you don’t know, now you know :D

These shows were what I truly believed my adult life could and would be.

In A Different World, it was like there was this siren call for the students to come together as a community despite their diverse and sometimes dissimilar backgrounds and experiences. And through that community, there was a realization that the differences from your past didn’t matter. The present, mainly what they did in the present at Hillman, was all that mattered.

I mean you had the bougie rich girl and the fly nerd gettin’ together #childhoodmindblown.

Even in the show’s theme song,“It’s a different world than where you come from”, it said to me that there are communities like Hillman college where I’m accepted for who I am presently despite where I’ve come from. And that my goals can be achieved as long as I had a community backing me up.

Also, in Living Single, it was all about four Black women building a sisterhood as they learned to be comfortable with themselves. Even learning to be comfortable with their insecurities individually, with each other and later with their partners.

Entertainment is influential especially with our world interconnecting and shrinking down into the sizes of TVs, computers, phones, tablets and whatever other new device is in the works.

But the things that we accept from the media are just micro influences and visions to who we are and who we may want to be.

So if you said, “I want to be just like (insert your media role model here)”, whether it is a fictional character or a modern day celebrity, ask yourself why are you inspired by them. What actions drove you to want to follow in their footprints?

For me, Oprah is the modern day leader of self-actualization. From her, I see this undying need that she calls out of everyone to self-actualize their lives through some real, bold advice.

And what’s BARE if not similar to her call to action. 

It’s just a remixed version for this different world.

(starts singing A Different World theme song)

Question to Consider:

What is your media role model(s)? What actions drove you to want to follow in their footprints?

Tip to Practice:

Write out three similarities about yourself and your media role model(s). Then write out three contradictions. The similarities define your connection to that person. The contradictions define how you express those similarities in your own unique way.

For Your Leisure:


Here's a chance to make it,

If we focus on our goals.

If you dish it we can take it,

Just remember you've been told

It's a different world,

It's a different world,

Than where you come from

Than where you come from


I know my parents love me,

Stand behind me come what may.

I know now that I'm ready,

Because I finally heard them say

It's a different world than where you come from.

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