Enjoy Your Journey—The Make It Happen Challenge Final Follow Up Friday

Enjoy Your Journey—Make It Happen Follow Up Friday #3

Everyone has something they want to make happen in their lives. But, sometimes, we just get TOO into our hustle that we don't even notice our own growth.

During the month of May, it's all about making it happen—where you take your “it”, either a passion, a want or need you want to make happen in your life, choosing one goal centered around your “it”, and actively creating a space in your day-to-day hustle to work towards your goal. Basically, making your "it" your non-negotiable all day, everyday during the month of May.

And as we get ready to close out May, let's take the time to enjoy this Make It Happen journey that we created for ourselves—embracing the change that we were able to bring into our lives. So if you need a moment to pause, reflect and learn from the beauty of your own journey, then check out the following updates from the Make It Happen challenge squad as they share the enjoyment of their journey on this final follow Friday.

Make It Happen Challenge Squad:

Ashley Sharie

My "it" is self care, it's one of my major themes for the year however I have been slacking majorly due to pressures from my upcoming grad, and the usual culprit—work.

My goal is to make self care a priority.  This month I plan to do that by being more mindful of my actions.  I plan to limit the hours of TV I watch per week to no more than 10. I plan to replace that time with other activities that are inline with my self care goals.

Ok first to backtrack...at week two I was ALMOST on target with 10hrs.  I was only over by 2hrs, but that was a gift to myself.  You see, during week two I graduated from grad school.  I needed to decompress, and I also needed to finish gossip girl...so there's that.

This week I officially found my rhythm.  I had my week planned out, my TV shows planned out, and was able to just move about the week pretty seamlessly.  Where as I usually have the habit of turning the tv on, I no longer reach for the remote first thing.  

I realized that I often sat and watched the news, or "popular" shows to have something to talk to people about or be "in the know".  Those conversations still occurred, but instead of recapping with people, they recapped for me.  Essentially, the same conversation. Shocking. As far as feeling like I wouldn't know what was going on in the world, it was actually nice to NOT hear about the presidential election non stop for awhile.

This week for self care, I continued with minimizing as my plan had been, but also adding in cooking more.  The past two weeks I have spent time shuffling my self care activities to see where they fit best with my schedule and I think I have finally found my ideal line up.

Jessica Corbin

My "It" is to manage my blog, establish newsletter and design motivational journal. 

My goal is to establish a weekly newsletter.

I have learned so much about my self and how to achieve my goals and how to treat my blog projects as more than just a hobby. I was able to set out goals and make a plan on a week to week basis based on what needs to be accomplished. I found that even if I get off track, the planner helps me to keep in perspective what needs to be done and the time I have available to do it. The daily motivational quotes really helped me stay focused and encouraged me in other areas of my life too. See the photo below of one quote in my cube at work. 

I was able to accomplish my goal of designing the newsletter and establish a subscriber list. I feel good about the challenge it was a great tool for motivation and I like having to be accountable for more than just myself. I plan to create more goals for next month and follow the same weekly plan.

Jessica Jones

My “it” is my passion to create stories that will not only entertain but also leave a space for contemplation as well as a space to elevate people towards living their lives to the fullest.

My goal would then be to create 8 videos—a form I’ve been wanting to do for a while—centered around my “it”.

One of the key things I learned and enjoyed about my journey is the power of patience. In the early stages of this journey, I setup a goal that seemed unachievable at one point as the month progressed—placing negative pressures on myself to the point that I became frustrated with my journey.

However, after breathing and actually listening to my body instead of pushing it beyond its limitation, I saw I was able to make actionable steps to at least lay the foundation for getting my goal accomplished. I created a style guide for the channel, planned out what type of content I was creating more clearly instead of generally, planned out what my schedule would be for writing, filming, editing and posting, etc. By taking the time to map it out, the stress that I accumulated went away, because seeing these steps visually showed how they flowed together for my good.

But had I not learned patience, had I not listened to my body, had I kept pushing myself to my breaking point, I would have probably ended up hating my journey and ultimately hating my passion. So enjoy your journey in all its highs, lows and the neutral flows in between. Because you never know what lessons you need to learn in order for you to be at the point that you've been wanting to be at all along.  

Here's a taste of what I was able to accomplish this past week:

Lisa Q

My "It" is to be impeccable with my word—what I say, what I write, the script playing in my head.

One goal is to set a written/verbal intention chant for myself each week and to live, be and of course speak in accordance to that intention.

This week I had a flurry of mantras racing about my head vying for attention—"choose me, choose me." I have Pastor Joel's, "I am" in my head, Einstein and Buddha wisdom, Maya Angelou poems, U2 tunes and Danielle La Port tweets all wanting to take the leading role to guide me across the Make It Happen finish line.

In the end—"quality over quantity" won out. As for my process, I am in awe and amused by how the universe seems to bend in an effort to accommodate my mission, as I have been presented with opportunity and test (depending on how you look at it) to demonstrate my mastery (you know what I mean) of my word.

My enhanced P-egan (paleo-vegan) eating has slowed me down a bit—I'm less reactive, although still sharp as a tack and those extra plant-based moments allow for some additional thoughtfulness. I have done some wordsmithing on my site. A new me, a new look—the evolution will be editorialized! Check it out. Mostly, I continue to smile more and speak less. Quality over quantity. And when I speak—wow, "I am powerful with my words". 

Feel inspired? Want to share your "it" or goal? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.