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Purple is the color predominantly used to signify royalty.

For example, google Queen Elizabeth, because she stay stunting in some purple.

However, Violet Parr from the movie, The Incredibles, didn’t recognize her own Queendom. For the first half of the movie, she was always depicted hunched over with her hair covering face. Not only hiding from the people around her but also from herself.

Hell, she literally turns invisible. She’s like the queen of hiding.

But honestly, though, I know I was a Violet too. Hiding myself away, stroking my insecurities like they were my preciouses.

And for why?

 If we treated our insecurities like preciouses, why would anyone want to get rid of theirs.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to keep your fear, regret, self-doubt, body issues, (insert your own insecurity here).

Through defining and striving to self-accept the many parts of yourself i.e. the strengths/weaknesses, the positive/negative memories and/or the diversity of your emotions, you can acknowledge your past and be comfortable enough with it to learn and grow from it.

Toward the climax of the movie, Violet finally understood her awesomeness.

Hell with her name literally a shade of purple, I’m surprised she didn’t acknowledge her lineage sooner.

But sometimes it takes awhile to acknowledge and accept who we are.

And that’s okay.

Game recognize game and I’m learning to do the same thing. 

I started this blog in order to learn how to accept all the pieces that make me, Jessica Jones. Not create a version of her that other people are comfortable with and deny myself that same comfortability and acceptance.

So if you’re looking to reflect, accept, care and express yourself too, I hope the lessons I learn on this crazy ass journey will help you in yours. 

Question to Consider:

Why is it easier to hold onto insecurities instead of steeping out of our comfort zones and learning how to accept ourselves? What insecurities are you treasuring that you want to let go? What small step can you do towards practicing how to accept yourself?

Tip to Practice:

The "I am..." exercise is all about accepting pieces of yourself (from your emotions to your job, your personality and especially your past). Pause the hustle and write out one thing that you are choosing to accept today and why by starting with the phrase, “I am...”

If you wondering what these fancy buttons are for, well they’re for you.

Attached are daily planners from Week 1 and Week 2 to help you start self-reflecting and self-accepting before we close 2015.

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