Quotable Check In #13 + Free Daily Planner

Self care is your priority. You just have to find your balance. - BARE

So I want to do all the things.

Once I get super passionate about an idea or I choose overcommit myself, my body definitely feels the full force of my encumbered decisions. My intentions are good, but my body suffers the most from it. When I overexert myself, it is a reflection of my inability to say no to things especially when I already have a Hogwarts sized feast on my hands.

Yet my schedule stays packed. And all that activity leaves my body lost amongst the blankets with a Jamba Juice Cold Buster in one hand and a bottle of Motrin in the other. Even as I write this check in, I feel the pressure of a migraine forming.

Possibly cause I’ve been placed on hold AGAIN! Or possibly because automated messages are the worst since they don’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth #therushhourcomplex.

No. Those things are just fuel to the fact that I barely drank any water today and that my body was wide awake during the 5 hours that I afforded myself to sleep.

so be sure when step, step with care and great tact. and remember that life's a great balancing act. - dr. seuss

Despite the things I may want to do, at the end of the day, I need my body to do them. So I’m learning to balance my wants with what my body actually needs. That way not only can we both function properly but also effectively. Otherwise, I might as well have a stamp on my forehead saying, “dysfunctional: can only do the bare minimum or it does not compute.”

So balance your schedule with your body in mind. Because what will your ideas, wants and commitments do, if there is no “body” to complete them?

Questions to Consider:

How often do you put your body first? What ideas, wants and/or commitments make you put your body on the backburner? What is one step you can do that will help you start putting your body first?

Tip to Practice:

The "Mind On Body" exercise is all about putting your body on the forefront of your mind. If you need to schedule your meals to make sure that you eat or schedule some much needed sleep, pause the hustle and write out five things that you need to do for your body today.

If you're wondering what these fancy buttons are for, well they're for you.

Attached are daily planners from Week 1 | Self-Reflection, Week 2 | Self-Acceptance and Week 3 | Self-Care, which is the theme for this week. 

These planners are to help you start reflecting, accepting and caring for yourself as we get ready to close out 2015. 

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