Quotable Check In #12

Apologizing is admitting to a victim that you have harmed them in some way either physically and/or mentally.

And through your apology, you acknowledge your harmful actions while also acknowledging the victim’s pain.

This same concept should be applied to our bodies. Both your mental and physical bodies depend on you to take care of them.

It’s karmic. What you give is what you receive.

But due to the “there’s not enough time to grapple with everything on my plate” mentality, do we even notice the harm that we do to our bodies?

Recently over this past weekend, I realized just how much pressure I put on myself. I pushed myself so hard that I:

  1. forced too much energy out of myself without balancing any type of rest #hustlegametoostrong and
  2. crashed as a result with still having more work to do.

Especially after pushing myself the entire week, I should’ve just let my body rest and recuperate to get ready for this new week.

So I’m apologizing to my body today for the harmful mental stress and bodily fatigue. And because of my harmful actions, I’m now taking my stressed out mind and my fatigued body into this new 8-9hr working week. Only adding more stress. Only adding more fatigue.

In this Living BARE community, we are all about being ourselves and expressing our realness openly. But how can you or I express ourselves, when our minds and bodies just don’t have the energy to do it?

So as we venture into week 3 of December, remember the importance of self-care. Don’t let the holiday shopping, the overtime, the holiday traffic, the baking, the (insert your holiday activity here), ruin your mind and body.

Take the time to let yourself actually enjoy the season or just be present in general. By allowing stress to enter your body from getting things ready for future events, you, in turn, harm your body by not allowing it to enjoy the beauty of the present.

So react with care for your body and mind. And through that self-care, you’ll learn to change your attitude knowing that your realness is dependent upon how well you treat and care for yourself.

Questions to Consider:

What have you done recently to your body and/or mind that deserves your apology? How will you react with care towards yourself this holiday season?

Tips to Practice:

Set a 5 minute alarm and take a mental break. Empty your mind by clearing it and not focusing on your day’s obligations. Or take a stretch break to release all the built up tension from within your body.

Smaller steps = Larger results. So use these tips as small steps to help you take care of yourself.

Post Inspired by:

Luthien - Living A Life You Love

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