Quotable Check In # 10

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. J. M. Barrie

Hook, a movie starring the late Robin Williams, is all about a grown up, modern day Peter Pan.

After settling down and having some kids, Peter gradually forgot who he was and got lost in the day to day hustle. So much so, that after promising he would show up, he missed out on his own son’s baseball game.


Yet when Captain Hook kidnaps Peter’s kids, Peter is forced to rediscover himself by not only reclaiming his role as the leader of the Lost Boys but ultimately reclaiming who he was in order to defeat Hook.

This movie was a favorite when I was growing up. In both the original version and even in the modern day versions, Peter Pan is the embodiment of childhood. The wonder, the magic and the imagination are all what make Neverland the place for anyone who never wants to grow up. Because within wonder, magic and imagination, that is where we see the limitless potential within ourselves.

Hell if all you need to fly is some belief and some pixie dust, then where Tinkerbell at.

In Hook, however, by having Peter Pan grow up, he lost all of what made him Peter Pan.

No more wonder.

No more imagination.

No more sense of purpose.

And ultimately no longer having the ability to fly.

Nerdy Contemplation: If growing up is Peter Pan’s kryptonite, does that make Hook Peter Pan’s Lex Luthor or General Zod?

Only when he accepted his past through kicking it with the Lost Boys and realizing his present purpose i.e. his children, Peter remembered how to fly. And through remembrance, Peter regained his abilities fueling him to save his kids and ultimately defeat Hook.

In the past, I’ve definitely been Peter. Somewhere along my self-growth journey, someone or something (a self-doubting idea or a habitual insecurity) stopped me from flying.

Has the same happened to you?

Have you ever soared amongst the clouds of your self-worth until someone or something stopped you from flying? Ever felt the gravity of negativity pressing down nothing but self-doubt and insecurities on your spirit making you forget how to fly again?

Through accepting who we were, like Peter, we can use the knowledge of the past to fuel our present purpose and fly again.

Now knowing my present purpose, I wish a (insert someone or something here) would try to take my flight again.

So grab hold of your self-worth like pixie dust and use self-acceptance to fuel your present purpose. Grab on and soar like Peter Pan or Falcon from the Avengers or (insert your own form of flight here). Because like Oprah giveaways, everyone has the ability to fly.

You can fly.

You can fly.

You can fly.

Questions to Consider:

What has prevented or is preventing you from flying? What is now your present purpose that is fueling you to fly again?

Tip to Practice:

The "I am..." exercise is all about accepting pieces of yourself (from your emotions to your job, your personality and especially your past). Pause the hustle and write out one thing that you are choosing to accept today and why by starting with the phrase, “I am...”

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