Challenge Accepted!—Make It Happen May Challengers

Challenge Accepted!—Make It Happen May Challengers

Everyone has something they want to make happen in their lives.

So this month's challenge is entitled "Make It Happen May”—where you take your “it”, either a passion, a want or need you want to make happen in your life, choosing one goal centered around your “it”, and actively creating a space in your day-to-day hustle to work towards your goal. Basically, making your "it" your non-negotiable all day, everyday during the month of May.

So whatever your "it" is, whether it's teaching people a new skill, having a more healthy or minimalist lifestyle, or even just being the best you can be right now, create your one goal centered around your "it" and join us, the Make It Happen challenge squad, in making ish happen throughout the month of May.

Make It Happen Challenge Squad:

Alyssa Matuchniak

My "It" is writing of all kinds--journaling, poetry, microfiction, etc.

I want to challenge myself to dip back into the world of fiction-writing. I've been writing exclusively poetry for years now, and I would like to open myself up to writing blogs again. 

My goal is to produce a small collection of short micro-fiction pieces (about 5 really solid pieces) by the end of May.

Ashley Sharie

My "it" is self care, it's one of my major themes for the year however I have been slacking majorly due to pressures from my upcoming grad, and the usual culprit—work.

My goal is to make self care a priority.  This month I plan to do that by being more mindful of my actions.  I plan to limit the hours of TV I watch per week to no more than 10. I plan to replace that time with other activities that are inline with my self care goals.

Camella Cooper

My "It" is my Master's thesis and play associated with it. I need a cheerleader to keep me accountable for the next 4 weeks. I will have 2 more weeks after that but I want to done with all the sections and at least 2 drafts of the play complete so the last 2 weeks will just be small revisions.

My goal is my passion for completing my thesis = Completed 2 full drafts of play and paper.

Carlos Joachin

My "It" is to let go of the fear of writing. 

My goal is to complete one short story a week. A total of 4 short stories.

Elyakim Samuel

My "It" is to get people to get off their ass and realize that the success stories that we fill so much of our time talking about - could be you if you would take action. My platform is called Dewdat, which is slang for do that. It's a side project thats being overshadowed at the moment. Im trying to build a business here overseas to become self sustaining so I can passionately pursue my "It". And if all that is too grand, I would love to lose 15lbs by end of May.

My goal is that I want to create 3 new #liveyourstory videos and share quotes.

Jenn Baxter

My "it" for May is to start one of the books that have been living in my head for months (or years!).

I tend to get caught up in my freelance work and blogging so much, that I never make time to actually just WRITE, but I want to change that!

So my goal would be to finish the first chapter of my book by the end of the month and my plan to complete that would be to write at least 1,000 words each week.  Which means by the end of the month, I'd have at least 4,000-5,000 words... a decent first chapter! 

Jessica Corbin

My "It" is to manage my blog, establish newsletter and design motivational journal. 

My goal is to establish a weekly newsletter.

Jessica Jones

My “it” is my passion to create stories that will not only entertain but also leave a space for contemplation as well as a space to elevate people towards living their lives to the fullest.

My goal would then be to create 8 videos—a form I’ve been wanting to do for a while—centered around my “it”.

Lakisha Corbett

My "It" is my passion for writing. 

My goal is to finish the first draft of my Ebook by the end of May. 

Lisa Q

My "It" is to be impeccable with my word - what I say, what I write, the script playing in my head.

One goal is to set a written/verbal intention chant for myself each week and to live, be and of course speak in accordance to that intention.

Malliha Ahmad

My "it" is a want and a need. My "it" is to expand my company.

My goal is I want to obtain 5 new social media clients by the end of May.

Toya B.

My "It" is to help others find their true identity.

My goal is my passion for helping others, especially teens to use my experiences as lesson learns to help them transition through life. Ultimately I want people to be in love with their unique self by removing the labels and social pressures assigned to them by friend, family, and media. I think the best way to do this is reaching our teens by giving the necessary tools to transition into adulthood.  

Be sure check back in every Friday to follow up on these challengers make it happen goals.


Feel inspired? Want to share your "it" or goal? Be a part of the conversation in the comment section below.