Be Your Own Acceptance Speech

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity to have the access to write and express my thoughts and allowing me to share them openly with you. Lastly I would like to thank my family and friends for the much needed support and for being the realest critics in my life. Thank you.

In all seriousness, I truly mean the above statement. Aside from that, I wanted to write it in an acceptance speech format to breakdown what the f are acceptance speeches.

For the most part, acceptance speeches are only expressed during opulent occasions like award ceremonies or other prize banquets. And I’m not devaluing the need for these speeches and their ceremonies. However, what I’ve realized and reflected on is that I only hear them in response to a high award or honor in a grand setting e.g., the Golden Globes.

For me, acceptance is an all day, everyday activity that should be treated as a gift, prize or honor.

It’s an honor when I’m accepted by someone through a hug. Or I am accepted by someone through a text asking me to “come and kick it.” I’m awarded a new experience when I’ve accepted a need to change some aspect of my life. Whether it is applying for a new job that is out of my comfort level or even going on a trip by myself. Because I’ve accepted that change and responded through action, I’m awarded with all the new experiences that those changes provide like a new retail job or going on a solo trip to New York City.

True Story

Lastly, I’m gifted and blessed everyday for accepting a life where my hands are open and not fisted shut. And because of that openness, I’m gifted to be a part of this cyclical lifestyle of experiencing new people and opportunities with all of its positive, negative and neutral potential— all for the benefit of my own personal growth.

Today, I’m redefining acceptance speeches and using them to give equal praise and recognition for the things that we accept everyday. I’m accepting and showing recognition to parts of myself that need to be accepted as the gift that they are.

Because the things I accept, regardless of its positive, negative or neutral interpretation, are all just a part of what makes up who I am. And by becoming my own acceptance speech, I wholeheartedly celebrate my life as the gift that it is through how I express myself all day, everyday.

So, if you want to learn how to become your own acceptance speech, here are three steps that I've learned to help you start boldly accepting yourself and claiming your own acceptance speech for your everyday life.

#1 Divide and Conquer

Take the time to search and divide yourself into micro pieces by starting out with your emotions and how you respond to certain situations. For example, I enjoy being socially active by listening to people’s life journeys. But at the same time, I always want to go into my awkward turtle shell whenever I go to a new social event and need to network with new people. It is super frustrating because this conflict is so unreal.

It’s like having bad Nutella. It’s implausible.

Yet, it is. And it’s me and then some. But if I didn’t take the time to realize that these are pieces of myself, I wouldn’t understand why I feel this conflict every time I’m presented with a new social event or even when I’m just going out with a new friend.

By breaking it up into these micro emotions, I’m disallowing these conflicts and frustrations to have power over my responses and actions. 

#2 Put It All Together

Once you understand all the individual pieces and you put it altogether, it is easy for you to understand how you respond to the world around you.

My feeling of uneasiness and frustration comes from my social awkwardness as well as possibly my undying desire to go back in my bed and watch Netflix. But by pairing it with my desire to hear people’s stories and my curious mind, I can combat my uneasiness by rewarding my reclusive tendencies with promises of Chipotle and Netflix if we network with at least three people. With this negotiation with myself, I genuinely feel that I am still a whole person and did not compromise myself for the sake of an event or personal interaction.

It is easy to compromise yourself when you don’t know yourself. By compromising yourself, you unconsciously open yourself up to unwanted experiences, interactions and personal relationships that leave you feeling misused and devalued.

#3 Express Yourself

By expressing yourself as whole and genuine person, you become open and aware to the experiences and interactions that you want to have.

Though you never know who is on the same journey as you, you learn it through what you choose to interact with. And through that interaction, you'll learn about who and what genuinely aligns with who you are.

The close knit community of friends that I have all encompass the multiple pieces of who I am. And through knowing this, I am comfortable interacting freely as myself than having to compromise myself because someone doesn't get me.

The key lesson to expressing yourself is realizing that not everyone is going to like you. And that's okay.

Wouldn't you rather wake up to being your best friend than your worst enemy?

Therefore, start by dividing and accepting those pieces of yourself as your life’s complex puzzle. And then express yourself by becoming your own acceptance speech. Then you’ll truly start understanding for yourself what a gift and honor it is to have this life that’s worth accepting all day, everyday.

Question to Consider:

How will you become your own acceptance speech?

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