BARE's 31 Days of Realness


Tis the season for giving to one’s family and friends through diverse expressions of gratitude, to one’s beliefs through reverence, to one’s neighbor, coworker, etc, etc. 

But in all these different forms of giving, it is also the season of reflection as you reflect on the past year as well as pre-plan your resolutions for the upcoming new year. It is the season of acceptance as you accept this year’s trials, celebrations, sorrows and joyful sillyness. It is the season of caring as you continue to care for yourself and others. And it is the season of expression as you give through your work, through your gifts, through your presence in the lives of those around you. 

BARE’s 31 Days of Realness is the season for all of those things, because realness is not just a moment in time. It’s an all the time, everyday truth within yourself.  So reflect, accept, care and express your realness this holiday season with the help of this daily planner. This planner highlights a new theme each week to help you move forward in reflection, in acceptance, in care and in expression for yourself as we close out 2015. 

Countdown the remaining days of this year by learning to live BARE as we ring in the new year.