Come Together Right Now Because We Run the World

When the Beatles meet Beyoncé

Storytelling is an art form we exhibit every day. We share stories with our friends and family when we talk about our day. And on social media, we share our perspectives and favorite gifs to strangers online—forming our own mini-communities. However, it is also the space where authenticity and transparency are at odds with each other.

The fear of being catfished (both relationship wise and friendship wise) is EXTREMELY prominent nowadays, because online anonymity can cause people to withhold their true selves online versus who they are offline. That's why it's SUPER important to start sharing our stories everywhere.

Yes, the fear of being ostracized for your feelings is valid. Yes, the fear of being the only one who experiences these feelings is valid. Yes, the fear of losing the trust and respect of the people closest to you is very, very valid.

But what's the alternate universe?

Maybe it's a universe where you've created a space ruled by mental illness because you are bottling up your true self. 

Maybe it's a universe where you're going through the motions with the ones you love—becoming detached because they don't fully understand who you are. 

Whatever that universe is, is it worth to keep it when you are not living in your full self?

I don't think so.

Sharing your true feelings is necessary both on and offline, because you'll be doing yourself a disservice otherwise. Because the place where things become difficult or hard is where the magic of change happens. And also the fear. That's why it's important to share your feelings, because you never know. You never know if the person you care about knows what you're going through. You never know who in your life can guide you through your situation. You just never know.

But by putting your true self out into the universe, by living in your full truth each and everyday, you'll be verified. Because once you put it out there, your world will shape for the better—allowing people who are not good for you to leave and for people who are like minded to come into your life.

As a woman of color, the media is not kind towards fully exploring all the emotions of a Black Woman especially the quirky, awkward side. As a woman, there's still a reinforcement to be apologetic about who I am especially when it is not inline with how woman or a Black woman is "supposed to act". 

No. I am tired. That's why I create how I create. That's why I share my feelings wholeheartedly both on and offline. That's why I strive to be my full self, because I won't let myself down. Because when I leave this world, I will only leave with myself. So the only person who matters above all else is myself. 

So even though it's hard to have those conversations, it's more important to unlock yourself in order to free yourself and be your full being. Through that type of love and respect for yourself, people will gravitate towards that—forming communal support as you live in your truth.